Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm sitting in my room right now polishing off a bottle of Andre. The economy is forcing me to buy cheap bulk, mind you. At Ralph's when you buy 6 bottles you get 10% off. In fact, last weekend when I bought said bottles of Andre I ran across several acquaintances while waiting in line to pay. It was kinda awkward when they saw that all I was purchasing was a tote bag full of booze ((they throw in a free tote bag as well as the 10% price slash)). Go me. I need to get out of this town.


MusicLinnea said...

um...I own several of those tote bags. I seem to have the same habit as you. It was a bad day for the world when I discovered they sold cold bottles. We should go to get our 6 bottles of Andre together sometime. Maybe it would be a little less awkward for both of us. haha.

marina said...

yeah! when do you come back to Osos?