Friday, September 18, 2009

American Hardcore

The following is the video progression of what happens when I start watching a documentary about hardcore and end up just getting distracted and watching YouTube videos for a few hours:

Old Time Relijun is one of those bands that put on savage live shows. I have yet to see them live but they are definitely on my list of bands to see before I die or become a drone. Check it out:

So, I started out watching American Hardcore and this movie has some amazing live footage of Black Flag and Minor Threat...but they would only show little snippets of this footage so it was pretty much a big cock tease if you can dig after about an hour of watching the previous videos I ended up watching tons of Sonic Youth live footage and rediscovered my love for fucked up noise music.

Here they are in 1983 playing a show in Milan: ((WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS...YA DIG?))


0:40 Thurston Moore whips out a drum stick and starts drumming(!) his guitar...the result is mind blowing:

The entire concert in Milan is available on YouTube and I highly recomend watching it.

Here is Sonic Youth two years later in ' and sound quality is a bit better and you can really see how the band has progressed in just two years.


Matthew R. Helt said...

You still missed about 10 other videos we watched. Maybe this will make up for it?


marina said...

bite me.

Biba Pickles said...
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Biba Pickles said...

That's hardcore.